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SpecFlow is an open-source testing framework that enables behavior-driven development for .NET applications. A feature file can contain multiple scenarios it depends on the requirement or the module. Gherkin language will use to write the scenarios in the feature files. Selenium is an open source browser automation tool which is used for end-to-end integration testing of web applications. Selenium is supported in multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, and C#. C#Bot supports running tests in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

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Syntax is centered around a line-oriented design, similar to that of Python. The structure of a file is defined using whitespace and other control characters. # is used as the line-comment character, and can be placed anywhere in a file. what is specflow They consist of a recognized Gherkin keyword followed by a string. Go to Manage Extensions and install the extension “SpecFlow for Visual Studio 2022” and then restart IDE. Helps in the categorization of tests and selective running.

SpecFlow Suite 3.9

By reusing execution flows, you can also speed up exploratory and approval testing for ranges of examples. SpecFlow makes all of this possible by introducing support for loading external data into scenarios easily. SpecFlow tests are written using Gherkin, which allows you to write test cases using natural languages. SpecFlow uses the official Gherkin parser, which supports over 70 languages.

specflow java

That helps to perform the activity according to the step. Specflow provides auto-generated code for every step just we need to add out code in the skeleton. Cucumber command line can be used to quickly run defined tests. It also supports running a subset of scenarios by filtering tags. Gherkin is the language that Cucumber uses to define test cases. It is designed to be non-technical and human readable, and collectively describes use cases relating to a software system.

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If you are not yet familiar with SpecFlow, check out this article series written by Bas Dijkstra. In short, SpecFlow is a C# framework that supports BDD. What this means is that the tests are written in Gherkin syntax, and each Gherkin step has a corresponding method in C#, called step definition. You can easily apply standardized test cases across a wide range of features to significantly reduce redundant data for large test suites.

  • In short, SpecFlow is a C# framework that supports BDD.
  • In this article, you’ll learn how to get started with SpecFlow in your test automation project.
  • In this release we fixed several bugs and tried to solve a long running issue with SpecFlow and Mac OS.
  • If you’re reading this article, I suspect you already know what SpecFlow and BDD are, so I won’t insist on this.

You can learn more about the Output API and its usage in ourdocumentation. To use it, you simply update the SpecFlow NuGet packages to the latest version, and you are ready to go. Yes, you could this before by using the APIs of various test runners, but you had to have prior knowledge on how to use them. Also, having an abstraction layer makes it possible for us to hook into it and display further valuable information. The first thing we did with this new extension point is to bring the output to SpecFlow+ LivingDoc.

Set Up SpecFlow with Selenium in Visual Studio

The purpose behind Gherkin’s syntax is to promote behavior-driven development practices across an entire development team, including business analysts and managers. It seeks to enforce firm, unambiguous requirements starting in the initial phases of requirements definition by business management and in other stages of the development lifecycle. In this series of five articles, I want to help you get started with using SpecFlow in your test automation project. SpecFlow is a test automation solution for .NET built upon the BDD paradigm. Use SpecFlow to define, manage and automatically execute human-readable acceptance tests in .NET projects (Full Framework and .NET Core). They contain a single Feature definition for the system under test and are an executable test script.

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Generate automatically validated specification scenarios as living documentation and share it easily with your team. If you want a select few scenarios in the feature file to not use the data source tagged at feature node level. 1) Right-click on the steps in your feature file and click to “Generate the step definition”. Step definition is a line of the code that binds with specflow steps.


These can be used group and filter the tests being run. In this article, I’ll show you some useful regular expressions in SpecFlow that have the potential to improve your tests. We developed this because our community upvoted thisfeatureon our feature request list.

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Rather than writing tests with code, they are instead written in Gherkin Syntax (Given-When-Then). Andreea is a QA engineer, experienced in web and desktop applications, and always looking to improve her automation skills and knowledge. A new NuGet package, “SpecFlow.Tools.MsBuild.Generation”, is available to easily enable the code-behind generation when building your project. To make it easier to create new SpecFlow projects, we have created a project template that you can access withdotnet new. You can find more information on installing the template and using it to create new projectshere. The integration ofCucumber messagesis a joint effort with the Cucumber community to create a unified protocol for exchanging data between different components of SpecFlow and Cucumber.


Apart from tags, scenarios can be filtered on scenario names. Cucumber comes with a built-in command line interface that covers a comprehensive list of instructions. Like most command line tools, cucumber provides the –help option that provides a summary of arguments the command accepts. SpecFlow is a free open source .Net tool for Behaviour Driven Development , if you are familiar with Java, SpecFlow is .Net equivalent of Cucumber.

When he’s not working he likes to take his bicycle for a ride, go for a run or read a good book. – This installs both SpecFlow itself and the NUnit testing framework, which is the unit testing framework we’ll use in this example. Similar packages are available for other unit testing frameworks. File that is auto-generated when you create this type of project can be removed as well. Simply download the NuGet package and add it to your specflow projects to use it.

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It can be integrated with a variety of testing frameworks, including NUnit, xUnit, and MSTest, and supports multiple platforms, including .NET Core and .NET Framework. Using SpecFlow, users can write tests in Gherkin language, which is a structured language that uses natural language syntax to describe the expected behavior of a software application. Gherkin uses a syntax of keywords and phrases to define scenarios, and each scenario consists of steps in a specific format – Given, When, Then. If you’re reading this article, I suspect you already know what SpecFlow and BDD are, so I won’t insist on this.